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American Eagle 1 HP Electric Meat Tenderizer

Manufacturer #: T12S The American Eagle® AE-T12S meat tenderizer is part of American Eagle’s comprehensive line of heavy-duty, high-quality machines. The exceptional reliability and attractive, compact design make it ideal for open kitchens and front-end meat operations. This tenderizer is perfect for hunters. butchers. or other foodservice professionals. Ideal For: Skirt Steak Flank Steak Boneless Chuck Steak All types of Round Steak Venison Chicken Breast Stir-fry meat Benefits: Largest steak size (capacity) on the market (7.6″ Wide x 1″ Thick) Delicious, tender results from tougher cuts of meat Virtually no additional prep time, ready in seconds Meat maintains form and shape for cooking Delivers efficiency & bottom-line savings! Features: Tenderizes steaks up to 7.6″ wide and 1″ thick Commercially approved, sanitary stainless steel Quality stainless steel alloy housing for durability. 36 rotating knives, 2 rollers (18 blades each) Delicately maintains form and shape of meat Punctures for better marinade & sauce penetration Easy disassembly for cleaning & maintenance Pierces fiber and knits both sides at once *Not for use on bones. Specifications: Motor: 1 HP (8 Amps). Motor overload protection reset button. Totally enclosed to prevent oil leaks or food contamination. Construction: Sanitary stainless steel combs and food shaft. Heavy-duty polished stainless steel alloy housing has a smooth. seamless design. Computerized mold and cast system for precise, consistent parts. Motor NSF, ETL, CE approved Maintenance: Do not tenderize meat with bone. Remove all gristle to prevent clogs. Easily removable from hub for washing in soap and water. Electrical: 115V/60Hz/1 Phase. 7 foot flexible 3-wire cord and plug, which fits a grounded receptacle. Specialized Knife System: 36 super-hardened alloy steel knives maintain sharpness for years of reliable performance. Rotating circular design helps pierce meat without damaging the overall shape or form. Dimensions: Net Weight: 70 lbs Shipping Weight: 75 lbs Length: 21.9″ Width: 9.9″ Height: 14.2″

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