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Omcan (FMA) ‘Griddle, electric, 13.75″ x 21.5″ cooking area, 122°-572°F (50°-300°C) temperature range, 3000 W

Manufacturer #: 17165 A terrific electric griddle with modest cooking area that’ll get the job done. This is FMA Omcan’s 13.75″ x 21.5″ cooking area electric griddle (model EG818). Built with stainless steel for lasting durability and dependability. Safety and energy-efficiency conscious as well as relatively compact and at only 57 pounds it will easily fit in any small space you have for it. With a cooking temperature range similar to others in the line of 122 to 572 degrees, it provides the flexibility for a huge amount of applications. Comes with a single and independent thermostat control and grease trap. An economical option and a great value for the money, for a low price point this tool offers you the flexibility and surface area to get the job done. Also see model EG618 for a larger surface area version of this electric griddle by FMA. Specifications: Model: EG818 Power: 3000 W Temperature: 50° – 300°C / 122° – 572°F Cooking Area: 13.75″ x 21.5″ Electrical: 220V /60/1 Weight: 26 kg. / 57 lbs. Dimensions (LWH): 19.25″ x 21.75″ x 9.30″

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