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Omcan (FMA) ‘Pasta Cutter, 1.5mm (1/16″), RM220 or R220 sheeters

Manufacturer #: 13222 Ideal for pasta serving restaurants, the Omcan 1.5mm? Pasta cutter? (model PCRM 2201) is designed for use with Omcan RM220 or R220 sheeters. Also suitable for serious home use. With stainless steel body and durable construction, this pasta cutter will create long flat noodles quickly and easily. With this pasta cutter you can easily cut pasta dough in various desired shapes. It will ensure that each piece of pasta will be of the same width and saves a lot of time and energy when cutting your pasta. Give your kitchen an efficiency boost while you serve your customers tasty freshly cut long flat noodles with this high quality Omcan pasta cutter. Specification: Description: Pasta Cutters for sheeters 1.5 mm Model: PCRM 2201 Weight: 11 lbs Shipping Dimensions: 11.25″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″

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